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Computer networks share common devices, functions, and features including servers, clients, transmission media, shared data, shared printers and other hardware and software resources, network interface card (NIC), local operating system(LOS), and the network operating system (NOS).


We have experience and capability to provide Server and Network Administration services that delivers outstanding results for your business. Let us handle your network administration so that you can focus with ease on your business. We only use high quality components and the best hourly rates in town.

Summary of Service

  • Network Drops Wiring (CAT5 and CAT6)
  • Network Infrastructure, Inventory, and Documentation
  • Patch Panels, Switches, and Router installation and configuration
  • Firewall Setup and Administration
  • Server Configuration and RAID implementation including new and existing Exchange Server Setup
  • Work-group and Domain development and administration
  • Secure Wireless Network setup and administration (Private and Public)
  • Printers, Scanners, and other peripheral configuration
  • Enterprise Security, Software, and Protection Service
  • Online and Local Backup Service and Monitoring
  • Telephone Wiring and PBX relocation