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Discover the A Rapid PC, Inc. Difference

Services We Offer

At A Rapid PC, Inc., we take great pride in every work that we do. This is why we don’t mind providing a 30-day warranty on all computer repair works. If you are a small- to medium-sized business, a medical company, or a non-profit organization in West Palm Beach, Florida that needs IT services and solutions, call us and we’ll show you the A Rapid PC, Inc. difference.

Laptops, Desktops, and Apple Repairs



PC Diagnostic

Windows Re-installation (Without Saving Data)

Windows Re-installation (no Data/Basic Apps)

Windows Re-installation (Saving Data)
Virus Removal

Hardware Diagnostic and Repair

Laptop Screen Replacement

MAC Diagnostic

MAC OS Installation and Others.

Full System Maintenance

Service Calls

Same Day Service (additional fee)

Data Recovery

Remote Access Assistance.






$75.00 Plus Parts

$79.00 Plus Parts




$120.00 (1st hour) ($85 each additional hour)


Starting at $99.00

$65.00/ h

*Rates may vary.

Network and Server Administration

A Rapidpc, Inc. has the experience and capability to provide server and network administration services that deliver outstanding results for your business. Let us handle your network administration so that you can focus with ease on more important tasks. We only use high-quality components and offer the best hourly rates in town.

Summary of Services

  • Network Drops Wiring and Patch Panel Termination.
  • Network Infrastructure, Inventory, and Documentation.
  • Firewalls, Switches, and Routers Installation and Configuration.
  • Server Configuration and Administration
  • Work-group and Domain Development and Administration
  • Secure Wireless Networks Setup and Administration (Private and Public)
  • Printers, Scanners, and Other Peripheral Configuration
  • Enterprise Security, Software, and Protection Services
  • Online and Local Backup Service and Monitoring
  • Telephone Wiring and PBX Relocation
  • Local and Online Backup Solution

A Rapid Rescue Me

  • Full Hardware and Software Maintenance Once a Year. Complete Hardware Maintenance, Fan Checkup and Cleaning, Review Hardware Components, etc. Complete Windows Maintenance and Updates, PC Security Check, Scan, and Update (Antivirus, Anti spyware, Firewall, etc.), Check Hard Drives and Other Devices for Failure
  • Advise for Necessary Upgrades and Proactive Solutions
  • Over-the-Phone and Internet Remote Technical Support
  • Basic Remote Repairs, and Installations
  • Discounts on Hourly Rate for Service Calls (When needed) and 10% Off for Any In-Store Repairs (Customer Must Bring Computer to Store)

Note: Customers not enrolled in Rescue Me Plan will be charged a rate of $65.00 per hour of telephone and remote assistance.



1 to 5 Computers

6 to 10 Computers

11 to 30 Computers

Over 30 Computers 





A Rapidpc, Inc. Maintenance Service Agreement

A Rapidpc, Inc. Service Responsibilities to Clients With Service Agreement

  • Desktop PC Support: Including troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, and supervising software updates
  • Server/LAN/WAN Support: Including troubleshooting, supervising software updates, hardware upgrades, and telephone and remote access support
  • Priority Response Time for Emergencies: Emergency calls will be responded within a reasonable time during normal business hours. For after-hour emergencies, you will get a mobile phone number that you can call
  • If at any time, any of the computers listed on the Equipment List have to be removed from the premises to be taken to our Repair Center to be fixed, A Rapidpc, Inc. will provide a temporary computer to the subscriber.
  • This agreement is not meant to teach subscriber how to fix equipment and/or how to use your programs or applications.
  • The agreement does not include parts or any new major project installations. 

A Rapid PC, Inc. Full Yearly Computer Maintenance Agreement

  • A Rapid PC, Inc. will provide free maintenance to all equipment listed on the Equipment List once a year, which includes the following:
  • Full Hardware and Software Maintenance (Antivirus, Windows, Application Updates, and Virus Scan) Dust Equipment, etc Check and Replace UPS If Needed (UPS Not Included) Check and Replace Fans If Needed (Fans Not Included)
  • Additional Maintenance Is Available at a Rate of $49.00 per Computer and $99.00 per Server

See below the benefits of having such agreement**:

Job Service Description

With Agreement​

Without Agreement

Desktop PC Support

Server/LAN/WAN Support

Emergency Service

Computer Rental

Minimum Billing for Telephone

Minimum Billing for Remote/Phone Support

Travel Time for On-Site Service 







FREE Within a 20-Mile Radius 

$110.00/ up to 1st Hour

$110.00/ up to 1st Hour

$75 Additional

$100.00 Monthly

$35.00 for 15 Minutes

$35.00 for 15 Minutes


**The prices stated above are only for service and does not include any equipment or parts. 

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